TANSHING ACCURATE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a specialist in the design and manufacture of a wide range of CNC rotary tables and index tables. At TANSHING we are dedicated to research and development and technological innovation continually. From design, precision machining, to rigorous quality control, great care is taken to ensure an international quality level...
Innovative dual lead worm drive

TANSHING products can be selected depending on different machining conditions. A wide range of models, such as the type of high load, high rigidity, high speed, high precision, long life span, zero backlash, ultra-high load 10-60 tons large rotary table, and hydrostatic table can be customized. In addition, there is a variety of new five-axis rotary table, swing head rotary, etc. The complete series are available in our product line.

TANSHING’s R&D team is capable of dealing with a variety of machining requirement, such as speed and load capacity improving. Any customized accessories can be planned and designed quickly. The same type of rotary table with direct drive motor has been widely installed at domestic and foreign machine tool manufacturers. Our techniques for the function application of product, assembly and testing are well-developed. We welcome machine tool manufactures and machining shop to contact with us for any kind of inquiry.


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